Wednesday 31 December 2014

Why CRM software can simplify activity of a recruitment agency?

For job is to join both companies and candidates.

For that matter you need a CRM tool capable to join offer and demand, a software that will allow candidates follow-up, their professional carrier, their CVs etc.

Simple CRM is on cloud based CRM software capable to do this for you.

CRM for Recruitment Agency – study case 

Simple CRM allows encoding of:

  • Demands of your clients (companies) 
  • Candidates, their professional experience and CVs.

In order to join those 2 aspects you open Query Module, and you add all needed interest centers (occupations, professions, companies profile etc.). Every candidate will receive the interest center applicable to his experience and education. If you have a demand for “accountant” all you have to do is to go to Search module to type ‘accountant’ in search field and the system will provide a list with candidates that have this profile; likewise, you have an accountant who’s searching for a job you’ll go to

Search module and the system will provide a list with all companies looking for an accountant.

You will also create the two interest centers:

  • Looking for a job (you’ll assign it to candidates looking for jobs)
  • Searching for (for companies searching for people) 

When you have a company searching for a certain profile, you encode the company, the contact person (if the company is a new client), if not you’ll use the already exiting company file and you select ‘searching for’ check box and the box corresponding to their search profile (‘accountant’, for instance).

Then you create your sale opportunity via Interaction module (calendar icon on the top bar menu).

When you have a new candidate encode its personal file and select “looking for a job” check box, upload his CV, via Document module and qualify it and then link to his profile all companies that he used to work for (if you have it in your system). Like this you’ll have a complete view on his professional career without opening his CV.

All you have to do is to cross criteria: Looking for a job and Searching for and you’ll find answers to your quest.

Managing newsletters with Simple CRM 

Keep informed you clients (candidates or companies) with news and movement on the labour market, profiles in demand etc. with CRM Mass Mailing module present in Simple CRM.

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